Guide To Renting A Apartment In Boston Ma College Guide Berklee College To Simmons


Always try to use a broker or agent   to save on headachs and ripoffs. BUT not all agencies are up front.

PRIMO REALTY has been renting apartments since 1989.

Berklee College of Music, the Boston Conservatory, Northeastern, Simmons, Emmanuel, and Wheelock are the closest Boston student apartments in Back Bay and Fenway.

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 Application (download) Letter of employment (must be on official company letterhead and state the details of your employment)

Copies of your two most recent pay stubs Landlord reference and personal reference Identification Letter of enrollment (if full-time student)

1. Be prepared to pay up to four times the amount of the rent of the apartment during the signing of the lease. Understand this is not always the case, as you may be able to negotiate this at the time of signing. Normally, landlords will require first month, last month, security deposit and the payment of the broker fee (equals the amount of one month’s rent).

2. Application fees can range from $25 to $250. This is an administrative fee that goes to the management company of the property you are interested in.

3. When renting an apartment, you may want to consider the following: How far away is the apartment from my work, school, etc? Is there off-street parking available for me? What is included with the rent (i.e., heat, water, electricity, gas)? Are there laundry facilities in the building or close to the apartment?

4. Before you sign the lease, please read the document carefully. Make certain the following items are correct on the lease: The beginning date on which the lease takes effect. The expiration date on which the lease will no longer be in effect.

The correct rental price. Landlord reference and personal reference. Information about the return of your security deposit. Download Rental ApplicationBE prepared to pay

FIRST MONTH, LAST MONTH, SECURITY DEPOSIT, REALTOR FEE all ONE MONTH. You do get seecurity back if apartment is left in same way as delivered. 


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