Berklee College Stats Average Rental For 2011-2012 Apartments

Looking for housing near Berklee College Of Music? In addition to providing free listings of apartments for rent near Berklee College Of Music, helps you research the rental market and find the best deals. We publish valuable rent data for free and update it daily. The following are median rents (meaning half of rentals are below this price and half are above)  

Apartments near Berklee College Of Music.

Median: $2200 below are start prices some may be lower but great starting point 

All Studio     $1250.00  and UP

1 bedroom $ 1775.00 and UP

2 Bedroom  $ 2250.00  up

Average Apartment Rents for 2011-2012

The average rent around Berklee College Of Music for Jan 2012 is as follows,

Studio $1,482.

One Bedroom $1,762.

Two Bedroom $2,073.

Three Bedroom $2,562.

Based on 9,342 apartment rentals. Six Month Rental Trend Between June and November

Berklee College Of Music, apartment rents have increased by $3 or %0.14


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