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Fenway Apartments for Rent Home base for the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park, the Fenway neighborhood is also home to many of Boston’s finest cultural centers, including the Berklee College of Music Symphony Hall , MFA, Mass ART, Simmons , Emmanuel , Berklee College Performance center Being centered between some of Boston’s top colleges and universities , the Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood also has a strong academic presence.


Many Boston students and young professionals are drawn to renting a Fenway apartment because of the lively clubs and bars that line some of its main strips, including Landsdowne Street and Beacon Street. The Fens, Fenway/Kenmore’s main park, was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. Many Fenway residents find this area to be a great place to relax and unwind or even go for a scenic run. If you’re searching for a home that keeps you in the middle of all that Boston has to offer, a Fenway/Kenmore apartment may be perfect for you. Update:



The Fenway area is like a crossroads in Boston. Berklee College Music apartments and most Berklee students live in this section of Boston. Cole and near campus you can carry your instuments a short distance and wake up late for class and still make it on time..It's where the suburban side ends and the city truly begins. As a result, Fenway apartments are always in high demand. With over five major Boston schools clamoring for off campus housing this month including, Boston University and Northeastern, Fenway area apartments become May's greatest prize. Rentals along Park Drive, Beacon Street, and Boylston have already begun to become scarce as savvy renters make their move now. With all of the action Kenmore Square and Fenway Park provide along with the convenience of the Green Line a MBTA bus hub, Fenway apartments in Boston are a hot commodity. If you're looking to rent a Fenway area apartment, now is the time to do it. Don't forget to check out our Fenway Kenmore MLS listings.