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Please visit us at Boston Best Rentals or Mantra RE Kendall Square real estate Once a major industrial area on the outskirts of residential Cambridge, Kendall Square is today a sought-after neighborhood for businesses and residents alike.

Kendall Square is one of Cambridge’s most diverse neighborhoods. Home to MIT, there is definitely a student presence along its streets. Kendall Square also offers some fantastic luxury apartment living as well. Located opposite the Longfellow Bridge from downtown Boston, Kendall Square is also home to some of Cambridge’s largest office complexes and a growing biotech industry. Served by the Red Line and multiple bus routes, choosing a Kendall Square apartment makes commuting a breeze. Whether you need to travel further into Cambridge, right down the block to MIT, or over the Charles River into Boston, a Kendall Square apartment provides you with plenty of accessibility.



Kendall Square has been an important transportation hub since the construction of the West Boston Bridge in 1793, which provided the first direct wagon route from Boston to Cambridge. It became a major industrial center in the 19th century when it was home to factories, electric power plants, and distilleries. The area still hums with commerce, but today it’s a bit cleaner (and quieter!).

Interactive agencies, biotechnology companies, and information technology firms now fill the gleaming buildings overlooking the Charles River. But Kendall Square real estate is not just commercial – far from it! New Kendall Square apartments are going up at breakneck speed – many of them luxury offerings with great amenities. Apartments for rent in Kendall Square MA also include triple deckers, duplexes and single family homes on the side streets that border East Cambridge.

During the day Kendall Square hums with the activity of a busy commercial center, and at night, the area’s many fine restaurants bring out diners and revelers. When you live in a Kendall Square apartment, you’re never far away from the action. The square itself is located on the Red Line subway station, and downtown Boston is an easy walk across the famous Longfellow Bridge. And just a shuttle bus ride away lies the Cambridgeside Galleria, which offers plenty of restaurants and shops to choose from. Kendall Square also offers one of the best panoramic views of Boston, along with a beautiful Charles River waterfront.